JavaScript Is the New Favorite Tool for Browser Game Developers

Java Script logo

To be honest, Java isn’t a very popular language for making any games. This, however, has started to change in recent years, due to the fact that JavaScript is becoming better, and more efficient with each update. Java based game engines are notoriously difficult to work with, but they are also known as being highly stable. Some games can feature only parts of JS, while others can be made entirely on Java.

Better Hardware and Software Efficiency

A few years ago, browser-based game engines weren’t as powerful for one simple reason – they couldn’t utilize a device’s hardware to properly exercise the potential of their resources. Today, this has drastically changed, and this is why we have seen a leap from 2D to 3D in most games we play on our browsers. This applies to casino games, competitive games, and many other types as well. Below, we have taken a look at several game engines that have made an impact on the development community worldwide.

Lightweight Java Game Library

Lightweight Java GameLibrary

Known shortly as LWJGL, this game engine is entirely based on JavaScript. It is open source, so aspiring developers don’t need to worry about purchase costs. Low-level bindings allow direct access to many API’s such as Open Gl, GLFW, OpenAL and many others. The cross-platform feature allows any games created with LWJGL to be installed on Linux, Mac, and Windows.

jMonkey Cross-Platform Engine

jMonkey Engine logo

Another Java-based graphics engine, jMonkey is also an open source piece of software that seems to be dedicated to the creation of 3D games. The cross-platform functionality is compatible with Windows, iOS, Linux, Mac, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies! The extensive documents on support and help allow developers to “get the hang of it” much quicker, than with other Java-based game engines.


BabylonJS logo

Moving on to a different territory, the 5th version of HTML has allowed for the creation of several other game engines. BabylonJS is a serious piece of software that offers 3D functionality, collision physics, has a debug mode, and offers a library of sounds. Ideal for the creation of numerous projects, Babylon JS has an extensive section that provides more than 100 examples of what it can do, by using your browser as a gaming platform. One of the best parts about it? It’s open source.

Construct 3

Construct 3 logo

Another HTML5 based game engine, Construct 3 actually has some costs. Enthusiasts and people who are interested in getting acquainted with this game engine can download a limited version for free. Paid versions are priced annually, and include a lot of benefits, like Offline running mode, manuals and tutorials, unlimited effects, events, layers, build surfaces, and a whole lot more.

The Citrus Engine

Citrus Game Engine logo

There isn’t a game developer that has not heard about Adobe Flash, and the Citrus Engine is one of the many based on that technology. For many years, and even to this day, 2D games are made with Flash-based game engines. While the technology was almost synonymous with the term “2D”, today’s versions have outstanding compatibility with 3-dimensional technologies. The citrus engine is fast, lightweight, and free!

Choose Your Engine Based on Your Needs

Whether you’re making online casino games or something different, you need to make sure that the game engine you need answers your needs. Starting with the dimensions – Java game engines are superb when it comes to creating 2D engines and this is why most online casino games are written on this programming language; there aren’t files to download, and there is no excess need for resources. This allows 2D browser games to run smoothly.

Game Engines have Different Elements

WebGL, Cloud-based Feature, Isometric, Modular, Path-finding… these and a whole lot more features may or may not be present in different game engines. Depending on the nature of a particular game, developers will choose an engine that has the features that will help them bring that idea into reality.