TouchstoneJS – Creating Your Visual Interaction

TouchstoneJS roadmap

People have the habit of checking their smartphones every few minutes, but they rarely think about how the app interface is made. Software-developing specialists utilize a variety of programming tools for the applications themselves, however, when it comes to making that part of the application that users interact with, developers use UI (user interface) Frameworks. Today, we are going to take a look at TouchstoneJS, and why it is preferred when it comes to app development. Namely the importance of the project helped us to find partners who financially support our project. One of the first who taked part in this endeavor is Most of our fundings come from donations. Our team thanks to anyone who had supported us and who keeps supporting our application.

Hybrid Nature

Although every mobile app can be unique, there is usually a common denominator, and in most cases, it’s either the programming language the program was built on or the software tools used for its integration. When the app is being developed, it is important that it can run on a variety of platforms; this is where TouchstoneJS comes in. This UI framework is known to have a “hybrid” nature, which is vital for platform compatibility.

A hybrid software tool is able to operate on several development languages, such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. This gives a lot of opportunities for developers to create a piece of software that will be able to run on a variety of browsers and systems. In addition to the fact that TouchstoneJS is capable of creating highly compatible software, there are so many other merits that make this particular toolkit the preferred choice among any other UI frameworks.

Additional Characteristics

When TouchstoneJS is used for the creation of applications for sportsbooks, online casinos, chats, news websites or any other such software, this will be done so in an intuitive environment with a very short learning curve. The integrated core app and navigation framework along with other vital features will provide an easy and stable development process of any web-based mobile application.

The Importance of Proper User Experience and User Interface

Users don’t like to wait, they don’t want to have to learn new stuff or how it all works, they just want to be able to use an application without having to do any investigation. Apps that provide an intuitive approach to their usability are usually the most successful ones; they are the ones that possess a perfect balance between their user experience factor and user interface. TouchstoneJS is a piece of software that can make that happen.

Relevance in an Ever-Changing Environment

Usually, all apps made today are meant to have connectivity to the web. What this means, is that they will be subjected to constant updates, as well as the online environment they function in. UI Frameworks are also updated, so their standards are co-existing with the ones set up by the World Wide Web. TouchstoneJS is update-friendly, so any software produced with it will always be patch-capable.

Making What You See

 From a user’s standpoint, a UI framework creation tool doesn’t mean much; however, to a developer, it can mean a whole lot. Just like regular folks wish to use their apps in the simplest way possible, the same principle applies for the professionals who create those programs. They require software tools that have a variety of features and can be used almost intuitively. TouchstoneJS is one such mobile app.